Monday, July 14, 2008

Thank You / Reflection

I want to thank all those that participated in the podcasting workshop today. Overall, I hope that everyone was able to come away with something usable, whether it be in creation of a podcast, utilization of an already existing podcast, or the tools to instruct your students in how to create and/or utilize a podcast. Thank you for all of your patience. In reflection, I think I'll bag podOmatic in the future and focus more on Audacity and some of its other components. I don't know about all of you, but towards the end there, I felt like I was speeding through. One of the comment pages indicated that having either more time or Part I and Part II sessions would be helpful. I couldn't agree more! Even if they were on the same day and people with past experience could choose to sign up for just the afternoon and those who might like the full complement could do both with a break for lunch to digest (both literally and figuratively) all that was begun in the morning. Feel free to post any comments or questions here on this site and I'll invite all the participants to join the wiki to add to the brainstorm page. Both the blog and the wiki that were created for this year's class might be used again in future years for teaching this topic. Remember - if it's already out there, there's no need to re-create the wheel. Go forth Pod People.

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